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In its heyday, the Sandgate area has seen 10 cinemas come and go. Some lost to fire, others financial ruin, and at least one to a king tide and chairs that didn’t float. The last closed in the 1980s – which sent local cinema into a 30-year hibernation. Fortunately, we’ve seen a resurgence in pop-up screenings and the occasional cinema in the park, all of which has helped build the momentum behind the Sandgate Cinema Club.

We all know Brisbane’s northern bayside is home to some incredible film makers, creative entrepreneurs and a community that loves to have fun. It’s because of this we believe in the idea of bringing local movie lovers together to see great films, or to showcase their local creations on the big screen. Wrap this up in some pop culture and a sense of fun, and you’ve got a night to remember.

Founded by some of Sandgate’s leading authorities on pop-culture (proof they have too much free time), the Sandgate Cinemas Club is now a reality. Run as a never-for profit venture, it operates on a yearly membership basis, offering exclusive monthly screenings for members, memorabilia, trivia and so much more.

Membership is going to be capped at 200 people. So, check out the membership page for important tips on how not to miss out.


Bringing cinema back to Sandgate will only work if the community gets behind the idea, helps to build a barricade in the main street and is ready to sing a few numbers from Les Misérables. Either that, or you could show your support by enthusiastically attending our events and spreading the word far and wide.

If you can get behind the idea, arrive with a sense of fun (maybe even dressing up) or loaning us your movie memorabilia to display in the Town Hall, this will all go swimmingly. We have a great shot at bringing movie magic back to the Sandgate area, and having a lot of fun in the process.

What could possibly go wrong…

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Future screenings and stand-alone events.

Kind of self-explanatory really. As soon as we have locked in associated events, we will publish details, prices and what to expect right here.


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