We always knew
you would get here.

(Really… we did)

Thanks for supporting community cinema in Sandgate.

Sandgate Cinema Club Membership, and all of the many perks it offers, is super easy to secure. Annual membership (valid for 12 months from date of purchase) is only $55. (You read that right – only $55.00) This will give you free access to every SCC movie screening for one year from the date you purchase a membership. A minimum of 10 movies will screen each year, so do the math. Cheap eh?

Admittance to movie screenings is on a membership-only basis. This means, we will not be selling individual tickets to any of the screenings. Members only (Married? In a long-term relationship? Here’s a hint: Buy two memberships.)

SCC Annual Membership can be purchased in one of two ways: Online (which incurs a small, annoying, but unavoidable booking fee) or at the screening (cash only). Associated film festivals and other special events, run in parallel with the Cinema Club, are not covered by the membership cost. Check the events page for announcements and costs.

Your Membership card is issued in your name and is not transferable. Patrons may be required to present photo ID.

Membership also gives you online voting rights on the selection of the monthly movie. Got a favourite you would love to see on the big screen again – here is your big chance.

Also, at each event a lucky member will win rights to the premium GOLD CLASS sofa for the night – The winning member will enjoy the night from the best seat in the house!

Not ready to commit?

Not sure? Can’t commit? Like to try before you buy an annual membership?

We also offer a Trial membership for $20. Available only at the Town Hall on event nights (cash only). This entitles you to attend 3 screening events, valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

(To be honest, the annual membership is better value – just saying.)

Associated film festivals and other special events are not covered by the membership cost. Check the events page for announcements.

When three events have been seen, the trial membership card becomes invalid. Don’t lose the card as replacement cards cannot be issued.



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