It’s like they’re
reading my mind?

Questions clever people are bound to ask.

A: 200 – Which coincidentally is the seating capacity of the Sandgate Town Hall.

A: A minimum of 10. If we can secure other venues – there will be more movies.

A: No. The films we will screen are likely to contain adult themes, mature content etc

A: Yes. In association with the Sandgate Cinema Club, separate matinee movies for kids will be screened through the year. Check the events page for announcements.

A: Yes. We also offer a Trial membership for $20. This entitles you to attend 3 screening events valid for 6 months from date of purchase. Does not include special one-off events such as the Sandgate Gala Film Night. Check the events page for announcements.

The Sandgate Town hall is accessible by the disabled, however it does not have on-premise disability parking. It has an accessible toilet located off the main hall.

As a never-for-profit group we have intentionally set our prices to be as low as possible, so unfortunately we can not offer further discounts. FYI: We think a full year of monthly date-nights for $55 is already a pretty sweet deal. Don’t you?


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